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+ Making Great Coffee
+ Fair Trade Coffee Beans
+ Roasting Process

In order to make the best coffee, we own the bean selection process and we own the roasting process.  Without these, a coffee company loses control of two of the three foundational stages of developing a premium cup of coffee.

Twiggs uses a “dark roast strategy” (vs. the “well done” strategy adapted by many of our Northwest counterparts).  This is a testament to the confidence we have in our beans – we KNOW our beans are of a high quality so there is no need to burn them.  Because we roast small batch sizes, we are able to maintain our focus on quality control.  Roasting the country’s best beans is a delicate process and we take it very seriously.

Quality beans lead to unequaled richness.  The best coffee comes from beans that are carefully chosen, still green, properly handled and transported to minimize damage, and then carefully roasted, and served fresh.  Our process might sound overprotective, but the results can be tasted in every cup of Twiggs coffee.

For 15 years, we have developed and continually improved our systems.  We invite the world to indulge in the most satisfying cup of coffee you will ever experience. Twiggs Coffee – Real Coffee Roasters.

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