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Jennifer Twigg brings vision, passion and commitment to every aspect of her life from her family to the operation and franchising of Twiggs. For over a decade, Jennifer has been providing her customers with healthy alternatives – from fresh roasted Fair Trade certified organic coffee to homemade deli snacks and fresh made desserts and pastries.

Jennifer realized that her new way of approaching coffee would require a great deal of hard work and that she would need to convince the public that there was a right and a wrong way to brew and serve coffee.

Jennifer’s commitment to quality extends beyond the walls of Twiggs as well. Twiggs hosts an annual mini-telethon during the Christmas season to raise money for less fortunate families. In its first year, it raised roughly $3,500; last year, it saw more than $40,000 in pledges. They have also developed a "quick pay card" system where five per cent of every dollar spent on the card goes to the North Bay Regional Hospital and the business has nearly completed a separate pledge of $50,000 for a medical treatment room for children.

Jennifer is more than a successful businesswoman; she is a caring mother and grandmother and a true community leader.

Jennifer Twigg

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