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How long has Twiggs been around?
Jennifer Twigg opened the first Twiggs outlet on Fraser Street, in the downtown business area of North Bay, Ontario, in September 1995.

When did Twiggs begin franchising?
The first Twiggs franchised opened in October 2009 at One Kids Place in North Bay.

Why is Twiggs coffee better than other national chains?
The one thing that truly sets Twiggs apart is that they are Real Coffee Roasters, using only freshly roasted Fair Trade coffee beans.

Can I order Twiggs to be sent anywhere?
Yes, you can order Twiggs coffee from our online store and have it delivered to wherever you are.

Can I order Catering online?
Yes, you can order Twiggs Catering online with our online catering service and have it delivered to wherever you are in North Bay, Ontario.

Are all Twiggs licensed for alcohol?
Not all Twiggs are licensed establishments. The location of the franchise and different city bylaws dictate whether this is a feasible option for franchisees.

What’s on the Menu?
Like our coffee, the Twiggs menu is full of fresh, healthy and delicious food created especially for our clientele. To see our full menu, please refer to our menu section.

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